Management Services

  • The Pratham’s assessment and profile tools are among the most widely used tools of their kind in the nation. They are used by all kinds of different organizations - for-profits and non-profits alike-to help them make more enlightened human resources decisions. And even though it isn't essential to know the history of a product to understand its benefits, many people find it useful to learn about the origins and development of the Products.
  • Pratham as a Sales Personality Test Managers in business organizations across the nation use behavioral assessments to understand strengths and challenges in themselves and others brazilian virgin hair.
  • Pratham Personality Profile finds the Employees’ those are Right for Your Business.
  • Conscientiousness is referring to structure and organization. Characteristics of Relationship-Driven Clients.
  • Here’s a checklist for evaluating and prioritizing relationship-driven clients. A smart rating system applies to every company database, revealing only the marketing campaigns that matter. It's tempting to jump to conclusions in building your Client Personality Profile. Keep in mind a few "myth busters" on Loyalty Marketing. In this array of expressions, the vertical proportion represents a factor of "Assertiveness" or "Passiveness", while the horizontal lineation represents "Openness" against "Restrain".
  • is used in various governances and systems, including companies, human resource departments and government and private organizations. It is also popular with consultants, teachers and supervisors.
  • Pratham Employee Assessment helps annihilate cultural and individual tensions that are common phenomena in a workplace. It also leads to better inter- personal skills, reduces mental fatigue and increases healthy participation, resulting in better productivity and harmonious working ambience. These tools are extremely useful in implementing and enforcing inter-group ties.
  • Thus Pratham is a management consultancy and interim managers specializing in profit generation through corporate and project strategy, risk management, whole life costs, sustainability and sustainability reporting.
  • The Pratham is an independent company, working with a wide range of organizations throughout “textiles”, “Real estate”, “Supply chain Management”, “man & material supply” and other industries.
  • The Pratham’s definition of Sustainable Development is: “A systematic set of objectives, and strategies to improve the financial performance of the organization, while at the same time reducing its impact on the environment and developing a positive social effect”.
    Our Management Services consists of: Deep Analysis of the three “ M “s. - “ Machine “, Material “ and “ Man Power “.through simple and sharp MIS reporting system.
    The main MIS is prepared for:
    • Finance & Controlling Companies Funds.
    • Inventory, Controlling of Companies investments on Material.
    • Manpower, taking care of hiring and firing of Manpower which costs to company. The proper and effective Management Services are needed by almost all the Industries. It is required because how much to produce, how much to sell and how much to stock and why. How to raise the Company’s fund.

    What is the MIS reporting system?
    The report which represents barometer of the company. It should show the company’s status any time. On going through it one will understand what is to be done where and when. The MIS report is one page report for top level and it goes on changing the deepness of the information based on at what level it is to be read.

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